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Introductions...A new face in the same space!

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

Bath Divas was started by Cherie Szilvagyi as an avenue to help smaller makers get bulk pricing on their supplies. By combining our buying power everyone can get better prices on the supplies to create their products.​

Cherie passed the torch to me, Laura Staley, on September 1, 2022. Cherie's new focus is spending more time as a maker, and helping the makers in our Bath Divas group succeed at whatever level fits their aspirations. Her experience spans years of making soap, operating a bath and body business, owning a brick and mortar store, and selling at pop-up events. If you have a formulation question, be sure to tag her in our Facebook group,

I'm a maker, too. I'm the owner of Green Iguana Bath, a brick and mortar store in Jacksonville, Florida, and Hands-On Jax , an Artisan Community Classroom. I discovered a love for bath and body when I began formulating products for my husband's "Lizard Skin." Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. I have a passion for small business and helping others succeed. The Bath Divas group is an oasis on the internet, one carefully crafted as a place that fosters and encourages creative talent of all experience levels. Join us if you haven't already!

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